Petition : Tax Receipts For Money Sent Home

About the petition

Official Development Assistance (ODA) recipient countries

Aim: To ask the Minister of National Revenue to issue tax receipts for remittances to Official Development Assistance (ODA) recipient countries by Canadian residents to save taxpayers money while at the same time increasing the real impact of Canadians in the world.

Revenue neutral: To fund the tax receipts, the minister will use the foreign aid budget, ensuring revenue neutrality with more money remaining in Canada while at the same time meeting and exceeding Canada's ODA objectives.

Background: In 2017-18, Canada provided $5.37 billion to Official Development Assistance (ODA) recipient countries. The money went to; increasing employment and economic opportunities improving access to quality health care for women and children providing a safe, quality learning environment, skills building, technical and vocational training

Tax Receipts: International non profit organisations in Canada provide similar support as the Canadian government, but they get their money from individual Canadians. In turn, the non profits give tax receipts, which alleviate the burden on the taxpayer.

$5.2 billion: In 2017, Canadian private residents born in ODA-eligible countries remitted $5.2 billion. Since this money went to address similar issues to those by ODA programs and non profit organizations, they too deserve to get the tax benefit.

What do you think?

If you believe that Canadian residents sending money home deserve to get tax receipts, then join this petition by providing your name, and postal code. Email address is optonal. We will keep you updated on the petition progress.

Petitioner: Robert Gichuru; A voter in Mississauga-Steelville, ON., Postal Code L5N 7W4